Flowers for Two

Sometimes it's nice to just have that added touch for your special day. I can make that happen for you! On the day of your wedding, I make a trip to our local florist and select the prettiest and freshest flowers and head back to the country roads and find local greenry to accentuate your bouquet, giving it a touch of nature from the area. In the spring time, for instance, we have wild asparagus growning everywhere...believe it or not, it makes beautiful accent in a floral bouquet! Later in the year, I might snag some wheat strands from the farmer down the road, or possibly add some wild berries or perhaps, my favorite...the wild sage that grows up in the mountains...oh, that smells soooooo good and actually helps you relax during your ceremony! I will find any excuse to head up into the mountains behind my house for a morning walk and picking up sage for your bouquet sounds like a perfect one!

Flowers for Two Package comes with 1 bouquet and 1 boutonniere.