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The telescope and our mornings

My husband is fascinated with astronomy.  Our first trip out here to Colorado was spent attending a “star party”.  That is a thing folks who have big telescopes do…they find a dark field and spend a week in it studying the stars.  This tele spends its time in our kitchen…scouting out the elk, mule deer, antelope, coyotes and jack rabbits in the mountains behind us.

Every morning, Dave and I make our way to the kitchen and he brews the coffee.  We take turns peering through the telescope looking for treasures.  Finally, mid-morning, after reading the news and listening to NPR, we’ll have a discussion about whether or not we want to spend a few hours hiking up in those mountains.  Depending on how that discussion goes, we either put on our boots or buckle down and focus on the chores of the day.