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Colorado Mountain Elopement Package

We are proud to offer this new package for the 2018 wedding season! With the addition of videography and dinner, this is a perfect Tiny Wedding Elopement Package.  Many of our couples have asked about dinner either before or after their ceremony.  It just so happens that Dave and I also own a small cafe!  Dave is an amazing chef who loves to cook…so we thought, why not?  The same goes with videography…we have the equipment…so why not?  The Deluxe Package includes Officiating/Photography/Videography/Dinner/Cake.

How it will all go down: If you have zero guest: We will meet up with you at our cafe, The Wapiti, which is located in Saguache, Colorado.  You’ll hop in our car and from there we will start out with the “Valley Drive” portrait session and make our way to the ceremony site.  After the ceremony, we’ll head back to The Wapiti where the two of you will enjoy a romantic dinner our tiny cafe made personally by Dave.  Dessert will be a lovely little wedding cake baked by Stephanie, herself.

If you have guest, we’ll likely end up meeting at the ceremony location first and have directions for the guest to head back to The Wapiti after the ceremony where we’ll have some light appetizers waiting for them while they wait for you.  After the ceremony, we will do the Valley Drive session and end up at The Wapiti for dinner.

It is possible that we could do the dinner/cake first as well if you prefer it that way.

Services: Officiating, Photography, Videography, Dinner, Cake

Officiating: We’ll create a ceremony based on a form that we have you fill out after you book with us.

Photography: We go all over!  We start out at our cafe in the town of Saguache and drive towards the ceremony location of your choice.  Along the way, we stop anywhere we think might make a pretty picture.  This might include mountains, barns, canyons, water, bridges, trees, etc.  We will then photograph the ceremony afterwards and do a few at the Wapiti as well.

Dinner:  We whip up a quaint little dinner for you (and your guest if you have them) at our restaurant, The Wapiti either before or after your wedding ceremony.

Allotted Time: up to 4 hours (this includes travel and dinner)

Ceremony Locations: Couple can choose a location from our images in the photography gallery. Or the photographer to pick the location based on lighting and time of day.

Here is an example of what a Deluxe Package photo session might look like:

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