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Relationship Advice

Sometimes we start to get a little too comfortable in the every day life we spend with our husband or wife. And that is fine…but it’s important that you keep the constant of treating your spouse nicer than anyone else in the world. Remember that…and if you do it well sometimes that will be a reminder to them for treat you likewise.
If you feel you and your beau have been snippy with each other lately…stop. Take a moment to remember what it is about them that made you commit. Take a deep breath and let go of all that creates the negative energy. Refuel, reboot, put on a smile and tell yourself that today you will treat them with the highest regard. Today they will be #1 on your nice list.
This simple little thing will make them feel worthy. Loved. Cared for. And when a person feels these things, they feel better about themselves.
You know…Dave and I do not have the “perfect” relationship. We live in the middle of nowhere and most weeks our only company is just each other. This can be challenging. But he has made a habit of thanking me. Thanking me for my hard work. Thanking me for making his coffee. Thanking me for the littlest things. Sometimes when I’m having a really stressful day, his little thank-yous are what brings me back out of that darkness. What can they do that brings you out of the darkness? Make sure you let them know how much you appreciate that.