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Our newest addition

When we lost Oliver! this past spring, we were devastated.  Our animals are very much a part of our lives.  We adore them.  About a month later our UPS man told of us a cat who simply showed up at his house the same day ours disappeared.  They were both orange cats.  I anxiously drove over to his house to meet his wife and hopefully pick up my cat.  Sadly, it wasn’t our precious Oliver!.  But Dave insisted I go back and get the cat anyway.  So I did.  I’ve fallen in love with this little cat.  We’ve gone through a variety of names…Mango, Leo, Hunter, Orion, Owat, Leroy…but none seem to fit.  It’s now been a few months and we’ve come to the conclusion that our cat is simply KittyKat…because that is the only name he will come to.