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Mozart meets Mr. Rattlesnake

Dave saved Mozart’s life yesterday.  I wasn’t home (thank goodness…I would have only made the situation worse).

Mozart chased a bunny into a hole…except it wasn’t the bunny’s home…it was Mr. Rattlesnakes home.

Dave, my hero, the calm and collected one…grabbed him and took off towards Salada…on the other side of the mountains…almost an hour away.  The vet said just a few more minutes and he would have been gone.

He’s barely moved in the past two days.  Just now as Dave was reading his hunting magazine, Mozart finally stood up and slowly made his way over to Dave and sat down…and wagged his tail.  He knows.  He knows Dave saved him.  He reaches over and shows his gratitude with a few doggie kisses.

All is well again in the Buechler household this evening.

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