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Michael and Kristen

This couple road tripped all the way from Chicago to Colorado for their tiny wedding.  The brought their one year old along because he is their best friend and it was important for him to be there.

The evening went perfectly.  We met up with them in Del Norte and headed out to the canyon area.  Along the way, Michael stopped along the roadside and picked his bride a bouquet of flowers, which she graciously accepted with a smile.  How absolutely perfect…to have your groom hand pick you a bouquet of wildflowers for your wedding….does it get any more perfect than that?  I mean, really??

Next we stopped at an area that has these beautiful rounded rocks where we started the photos and soon we were off to the next location to take pictures…but along the way we spotted a rainbow…and had to stop for more photos!  This was getting better by the minute!

Finally at the ceremony site, Dave had a few words with the couple in an attempt to ease the jitters.  It somewhat worked (but not really because Michael was a nervous wreck) and he began his ceremony while I began to work my magic with the camera.  Everything was going well until it came time for the ring exchange.  Somewhere between where Michael pulled out the rings and where he was standing, he managed to misplace Kristen’s ring.  After a few minutes of searching, Dave found it and the ceremony continued.  And then, just before the hand fasting, I noticed the little one, who had been patiently waiting on a blanket nearby for his part in the ceremony, was taking fist after fist of that dark brown Colorado mud and stuffing his face.  Yet he somehow managed to keep his little white shirt and outfit perfectly clean.  Even I have problems doing that!  So we paused, yet again, to clean him up a bit and then continued on with the hand fasting…and the rest of the ceremony went perfectly.  I must say this was one of our more exciting ceremonies!

We ended the day with a toast.  A toast to new beginnings…