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Martin the middle child

Martin is our middle child.  I found him in the spring of 2009 in Martin County, Kentucky at a gas station.  As I was pulling in he was lying in the entrance.  I had to drive around him.  The lady at the counter said he had been there for a couple of weeks…just waiting around for the people who dropped him off.  She was asking people not to feed him.  She wanted him to leave.  He looked to be at least a year old.  He was literally skin and bones.  He had no hair on his body except for a few patches around his ears.  His only standing grace was his tail…it was still full and beautiful.  I bought a bag of dog food much to the counter lady’s dismay.  I assured her that I would not be feeding him on her property.  This dog was going home with me.

So we headed northward to my home in Cincinnati.  My plan was to get him better and adopt him out to a good home.  It didn’t quite worked out like that.  He and ZoeGirl fell in love and well…you can’t argue that, now can you?  Now they are living happily together with us in Colorado.

Our little brown dog.

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