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Frequently Asked Questions to Elope In Colorado

Where are you located? We are located in Southern Colorado’s beautiful San Luis Valley which is about 2.5 hours south of Colorado Springs.  The pricing is for having your wedding within the San Luis Valley.  If you are interested in having your wedding outside of the San Luis Valley, we can give you a custom quote.  We will consider many places you would consider to elope in Colorado.

Do you book lodging for us?  We do not, but we will provide you with a list of lodging options in your confirmation email once you book with us.   Check out our Services Page to see what services we provide.

How soon do we need to book?  We are currently booking all dates for the 2017 season.  If you want to elope in Colorado, now is the time!

What time of year do you perform ceremonies?  Our season runs May-September

What time of day do you perform ceremonies?  Just about any time there is daylight.

What is the process of booking?  Simple!  Complete our contact form at the link above and we will email you back within 24-48 hours with our availability.  After we decide on the date and time, we’ll email you the contract link.  Complete it and mail it back to us with a 50% retainer fee.  When we receive the contract/retainer fee, we’ll add you to the calendar.  

But I want to have my wedding in January.  Can you make an exception?  Unfortunately no.  We have found the weather is too unpredictable here from November-April…and way too windy!

Do you perform same-sex weddings.  Yep!

Best time to have a small ceremony with you?  For lighting, the best time is around sunset.  

Do you take credit cards?  Not at this time.  We accept checks, money orders or cash.

Do you provide our marriage license?  We do not.  To legally elope in Colorado, you will need to visit a County Clerks office to pick up your license.  It’s a simple process, usually only taking about 20 minutes.  There is no waiting period.  County Clerks can be found in any county courthouse (you do not need to purchase it in the same county as the ceremony location).  Check their website for their office hours and pricing (usually around $30).

We would like to have our ceremony/reception at our cabin.  Can we still use your services for our wedding day?  Sure!  As long as it’s in the same general area of where we usually perform ceremonies.  Include the address in your contact form so we can properly give you a quote to do that and also check with the cabin rental company to make sure we can do it there.

How far do we have to hike to the ceremony location?  Not far…we drive into a remote spot and try to have the ceremony nearby.

How do I pick a location?   No need to pick a location before you book with us.  We choose a location for you based on the background you would like and where you are staying.

Is it ok if we bring our own photographer?  We are a professional photography company so we do not allow other professional photographers.  With this being said, your guest are welcome to bring their own non-professional photography gear and snap away.

May we bring our own minister?  Yep!  You can bring your own officiant as long as they are doing it for no charge.  When you complete your contract, you must write at the top in very large letters:  “Own Officiant” so we know.

We are campers.  Can we have our ceremony and camp there that evening?  Sure!  As long as it’s a legal camping spot we have no problems with that.

May we simply wear jeans or even shorts?  Sure!  For your wedding day, you can wear whatever you like!

Do Children count as guest? Yep…every human is counted as a guest.

Can we bring our dog?  Yep!

Can my dad walk me down the isle?  Yes he can!  Or anyone else you choose for that matter.

What about wedding attendants?  Yep…you can have those as well.

Do you provide the music for us?  We can.  We have a small speaker and our smart phones.  You are welcome to bring your own acoustic musician as well.

What is your rain policy?  We have found that the rain showers do not last very long here in Southern Colorado.  On your wedding day, we’ll keep a close eye on the weather and may adjust the time by an hour or so if it seems like we might have better weather.  If it is a downpour, we might be able to postpone until the next day.

Do you reserve the ceremony locations?  The ceremony locations are on public property and no part of it may be reserved for any activity.  But we do make every effort to keep our ceremony times and locations away from the more popular spots to ensure as much privacy as possible.  Or, if there are people nearby, we simply move on to another location.  There is plenty of space out here for everyone!

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