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Colorado Elopement Photographer and Officiant Team

Who We Are

Colorado Elopement Photographer

Meet the Colorado Elopement Photographer and Officiant Team, Stephanie and Dave.

They perform elopements and small weddings in Southern Colorado.  How did they get here, you ask?  Well…their journey started about 7 years ago when on a cold winters night when they were introduced by their friends Matt and Amy.  Both were at a point in their lives where they weren’t really interested in a relationship.  Both were set in their ways and happy with their lives.  But that all changed the moment they met on that cold January night.

They were married less than two years later.

And that is that.


Stephanie has owned her professional photography business since 2005.  She started with portraits and weddings in the Cincinnati area and, after meeting Dave, moved her business to the Red River Gorge.  In 2012, Dave and Stephanie started a business called My Tiny Wedding.  Dave officiated and Stephanie photographed gorgeous weddings at overlooks in this quaint little gorge nestled in southeastern Kentucky.


But Dave had a dream to head west.  He had always wanted to live in Colorado.  They began their search in the summer of 2011 by taking a road trip to southern Colorado.  The next years were spent taking road trips to different areas of the United States furthering their search.

They traveled to the northwest, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Florida…wherever the wind took them.  But in the summer of 2015 they came back to where their search began.  This time they decided to explore an area that seemed a bit mysterious on the map…the San Luis Valley.  It was here in the tiny town of Saguache they found the absolute perfect spot for them.  A beautiful southwestern style house nestled on 40 acres in the San Juan Mountains with a breathtaking view of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains to the east.  The moment they stepped out of the car, they knew this would be their next home.

In the fall of 2015, they made the move to Saguache with hopes of continuing their Tiny Wedding Business in Colorado.  And this is where the idea of TWO Colorado was born.


As you can see from the photos below, they have three dogs and a cat…all of whom has as much personality as they do.  They are absolutely in love with each other.  They are one of those couples who can spend 24 hours a day together for months at a time and be content with that.  At the same time they are very different with different hobbies.  Dave loves astronomy and fly fishing.  Steph loves hiking and web design.  The both love sushi and ice cream (but not together).  They love to sit around the fire on a cold winters night and have long conversations about the business and their lives together.

Both consider themselves the luckiest couple on earth.

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