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Colorado Elopement and Tiny Wedding Services

Colorado Elopement Services in the Southern Colorado’s gorgeous San Luis Valley

Colorado Elopement

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We Offer Professional Photography, Videography, Officiating, Flowers, and Cake

Looking to elope in Colorado?  Or you want to have a tiny outdoor wedding with just a few friends and family?  Gorgeous wedding photos a top priority for your elopement?  TWO Colorado is a perfect wedding day solution for you!  TWO Colorado (Tiny Wedding Of Colorado) is the child company of the infamous My Tiny Wedding in the Red River Gorge.
Located in between the Sangre de Cristo and San Juan Mountain ranges, the San Luis Valley has an amazing view from both the east and west of many of the tallest mountains and most stellar canyons in Colorado.  Because of this unique set up, the lighting conditions in the valley are simply gorgeous.

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Rocky Mountain Elopement

Meet Stephanie and Dave

Meet this husband and wife duo who have teamed up to create an amazing elopement or tiny wedding experience for you.  With 10+ years of professional photography experience, they are able to capture not only the ceremony, but some beautiful portraits that capture your personality and the magic of the moment.

Dave is a well spoken officiant who writes his own ceremonies.  With a lot of research and communication with the couple, he takes the time to put together a ceremony that brings out the importance of this very special moment in time.
Stephanie has been shooting weddings for over ten years.  Starting out in Cincinnati, Ohio she photographed large weddings around the world.  In 2010, while visiting the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, she met her human soul mate…(that would be Dave) and the two of them started a life in the gorge.  In 2015 they made the move to Southern Colorado in the lovely San Luis Valley where they continue to dedicate their life to creating a beautiful experience for couples who simple want to elope or have a tiny wedding with their absolute closest friends and family.

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